Custom-Built to Your Applications

Frequent and targeted deployment of drones often results in individuals or businesses demanding drones whose technical parameters surpass the ready-made machines available in the market. With our end-to-end expertise in drones from fabrication to flight, our in-house team can design, assemble and test made-to-order drones that uniquely serve your aerial applications. We nurture a network of component suppliers with whom we continue to co-innovate in order to bring you cutting-edge technology and designs that soar far beyond the stock designs in the market.

Building a custom drone gives you flexibility to determine four variables based on your flight needs:


Most mainstream drones are fitted out to carry a standard payload – i.e. a certain camera and lens configuration – irrespective of a customer’s eventual application.  Rather than starting out with a standard frame, we assess your camera specifications and other payload requirements before designing the drone frame that can lift and stabilize custom camera gear.


Gimbals come with 2 or 3-axis stabilization- and in all shapes, sizes and price points. We select the gimbal based on your camera needs and budget requirements to ensure the optimal return on your drone investment. Pro cinematography often requires the best 3-axis stabilization available in the market, while still photography can be performed with two axis or no stabilization.


Flight time is a priority for long range operations or inspections work. The majority of commercial drones available are often not geared for this type of work and only allow for short flights with repeat recharging cycles between flights or multiple back-up battery packs. We can configure and optimize the drone build to enable longer flight times based on your custom requirements.


Our systems include voice prompts that give you alerts and live flight information – all without having to take your eye off the controls. We can also customize the control system to other languages, including Arabic. Radio systems have to be chosen based on your needs: long range systems are perfect for inspections & survey work  while short range systems offer a better cost to performance ratio.